Baby and Child Growth Spurts: Finding Affordable Clothes at Growth Spurtz

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As a mum, you're no stranger to the speed at which your little ones seem to sprout up. Those sudden growth spurts can leave you with a wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit. Did you know that a baby typically goes through at least six different UK clothing sizes in their first two years of life?

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Understanding Growth Spurts

Growth spurts are periods of rapid growth that babies and children experience. These phases are crucial for your child's healthy development and can manifest in changes like increased height, appetite, mood and altered sleep patterns. We recognise the challenges they present and understand that staying ahead of your child's growth is vital. At Growth Spurtz, we offer purse-friendly clothing options tailored to your child's changing needs, making it easier for you to manage these transformations whilst also making more sustainable choices for the good of our planet.

Baby Growth Spurts

For new parents, the baby growth spurts in the early stages can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. These growth spurts often occur around weeks 2, 6, and 12, signifying significant development.

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Your baby is constantly growing and will not be wearing any of their clothes for very long. Many of those tiny newborn clothes will remain in excellent condition once your baby has outgrown them.

To help you during this exciting time, our online store, Growth Spurtz, features a diverse range of affordable baby clothes designed to accommodate your baby's changing size. We understand that keeping up with your growing baby while staying within your budget is a priority. Our preloved baby clothes are a great option for  saving money, re-using clothes that remain in excellent condition, reducing the impact of clothing production on the earth’s natural resources. Your baby may only wear that adorable outfit from Auntie Mary once, but it was made to last a lot longer! 


Child Growth Spurts

As your child progresses into their toddler and early childhood years, growth spurts continue to play a prominent role in their development.

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Notable age milestones for growth spurts in children are around 2, 3, and 10 years old. 

These phases can leave you with a heap of clothes that no longer fit, especially as your child continues to grow and will have worked their way through at least fourteen UK clothing sizes before their tenth birthday!

But Growth Spurtz is here to help. Our collection of new and second hand kids clothes is not only affordable but you can even sell the clothes back to us once your kids have outgrown them! We believe in providing a full solution for busy parents. 



Maternity Clothes at Low Prices 

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Expecting mums, we haven't forgotten you either! It can be so difficult to find affordable clothes to wear during pregnancy, and shopping for new clothes can feel unnecessary and wasteful when those clothes may only be worn for a few months.

We offer a selection of stylish, comfortable maternity clothes at prices that won’t strain your budget.

Choose from our extensive selection of new and preloved maternity and nursing clothes from all your favourite high street and premium brands.

And when you need to prepare for baby, head on over to our Baby Collections! 



At Growth Spurtz, we are more than just a business; we are a community of mums in the UK who care about shopping sustainably. We know the importance of navigating these baby and child growth spurts with budget-friendly clothing solutions. Our clothes cater for all ages, from pregnant mums to babies, kids and teens. 

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We are here for you every step of the way…from your own pregnancy journey to baby's first milestones and all the way through to their teen years! 

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