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Hello! I’m Karen, a busy mum of two young children and founder of     Growth Spurtz. 

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My love of sustainable kids clothes began way back in my childhood. As a young child I was brought up to appreciate “hand me downs” as they were so called back then. From my clothes, to the toys I played with and the bicycle I so proudly rode during my first job as a newspaper delivery girl.

One of my earliest memories is of a day at playgroup at the tender age of 4. I was mesmerised by the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. Although I was really young, I remember it vividly. The travelling second hand clothes market often paid a visit to pre-school. Their target was clearly bargain-hunting mums collecting their children at pick up. I remember my mum arriving to collect me on that day. I begged her to buy the dress for me, which she did. This was not something that I did very often as I was a painfully shy little girl. I remember thinking that I had to have it!

I will never forget that feeling when I tried the dress on when I got home. The plush red velvet made me feel like a princess. It was actually far too big for me (well it was a BHS age 8), but mum said that I would grow into it. When I did grow into it, boy did I make the most of wearing it as often as I could!

I now have two children. It is true what they say, “they grow up so quick.” My son seems to change his shoe size more frequently than we change the clocks and my daughter has a better wardrobe than me!

Before you become a parent, no one ever warns you quite how much ‘stuff’ you will accumulate along the way. It is surprising often how little use or wear much of it will have, simply because they grow so quickly.

I have to say I have never been one to throw anything away if it can be used again. Hence the vast amount of children’s clothes and toys that have become permanent keepsakes in my home, despite a few house moves over the years. If you are anything like me, you will have your own stash too! There’s never enough hours in the day to pass them on, but they are too good to throw away. Sound familiar?

The sad truth however is that when we do ‘throw things away,’ they never really do go away. The clothes we buy have a life cycle which more often than not is cut short due to our temporary needs and wants. Clothes no longer fit or we want to keep up with the latest fashion trends. As a society, we seem to have this mentality of ‘that is so last season.’ We have to keep us with the latest looks and clear out our wardrobes to make space for more. We are a nation of shoppers.

Just as we all have a carbon footprint, the objects of our temporary affections that are flung out just as quickly as we bought them, leave their own footprint. These discarded garments go into landfill, their final wardrobe. This throw away fashion is out of sight and out of mind. Yet it should be at the forefront as it is causing irreversible damage to our planet and ecosystems.

Our current economic system in the UK is based on excessive consumption. Mass consumption is what keeps the economy strong, creates employment and the media thriving. In the clothing industry, the vast competition resulting from this mass consumption has led to exploitation. Larger global corporations are exploiting people across the world for their cheap labour in order to keep their costs down. The rise of ‘fast fashion’ in our modern day society has created an expectation and demand like never before. That demand must decrease if we want anything to change. Instead we should champion sustainable kids clothes and indeed adult clothes too, and show our support for 'slow fashion'.

It is common sense that such unlimited growth on a planet with limited resources is neither viable or sustainable.

Thankfully, more and more of us are realising that and are changing our buying habits. We are demonstrating that wasting resources does not need to be the norm. More and more of us are seeking out sustainable kids clothes. We can all be eco-friendly and help put an end to the exploitation of garment manufacturers. We can protect the resources we have for future generations.

Shopping for second hand and sustainable kids clothes is just one step of many that we can take towards a cleaner, more socially responsible world. Little changes can have a big impact over time when they become lifetime habits. Attitudes are changing for the better. Our children deserve a more sustainable future. We can show them how to achieve it with each decision along the way. Shopping for sustainable kids clothes is one easy change that we can make.

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2020-21 brought many challenges to us all. Lockdown forced many of us to slow down, evaluate and reflect on our lives. Away from the usual hustle and bustle. It has made us appreciate the precious time that we have with our loved ones, the importance of looking after each other and taking extra care of ourselves. Many of us have have had the time to take up new hobbies, have revisited old ones, or have simply enjoyed a slower pace of life. The nature around us thrived when man-made imposters, such as vehicles, were silenced. We could hear the birds singing and gardens looked more beautiful than ever before.

We have all adapted to these unprecedented times remarkably well. The unity and camaraderie throughout so many communities has been both inspiring and heart warming to see. It just shows how powerful people can be in bringing about change. Even more remarkable is how it has been achievable on such a vast scale, when we all work together towards a common goal. 

And so I created Growth Spurtz

To share with you my passion for sustainable kids clothes. We sell good quality second hand, preloved and new children's clothing to busy mums who want to shop more sustainably and care about protecting the planet. I was inspired by my own wonderful children and the beautiful nature that surrounds us. I love doing what I do in helping other mums find great quality preloved clothes!

Growth Spurtz sustainable kids clothes range in size from newborn to 16 years. We even have a maternity clothing section (because kids start growing long before they are born!) Our clothes will always come to you in good used condition; we handpick the best quality clothes and frequently donate to charities.

You will find many of the UK High Street brands, but without the hefty price tags, saving you money too! I’m a firm believer that sustainable kids clothes should not be expensive. I love it when my customers tell me that they have found fantastic clothes for their little ones at a fraction of the cost of shopping on the High Street.

As a busy mum, I know how challenging it can be to fit shopping into a busy work and home schedule. Shopping at Growth Spurtz is easy, you can even browse our collections on the go. Simply place an order and we will deliver your clothes straight to your door! It really is that easy. The beauty of second hand clothes is that you never know what you might find! It can be such a fun way to shop for bargains and unique pieces.

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We are always on the hunt for good quality second hand clothes. Please do get in touch if you have any children’s clothes or maternity wear to donate or sell to us. As long as they are in good condition and meet our quality requirements, we will gladly help to recycle them for you the Growth Spurtz way. Please visit our Sell to Us page for more information.

Now remember I told you about the little red velvet dress? Well as it turns out, my mum thought it was pretty special too, as she kept it for years and then gave it to me when I left home. I still have it today and hope that one day my daughter might like to wear it too. Admittedly, fashion has come a long way since 1987, so Molly may not be quite as taken with it as I was. But if she is anything like her mummy, I like to think that she might be interested in it too someday.

A young girls red velvet dress
A vintage BHS girls red velvet dress
Welcome to Growth Spurtz! 
Any questions, please do get in touch! 
Karen x


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