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Are you having a clear out of good quality children's clothes and used maternity clothes? If they are in good condition, we would love to hear from you.
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***Please note that our selling service is temporarily suspended, we will update this page when we are buying clothes again. Thank you ***

We know how difficult it can be to have a clear out of your used maternity clothes and children's clothes. Regular selling sites can be unpredictable and expensive in fees and buyers can be reliable. Often we simply do not have the time to find new homes for all the clothes that our children outgrow over the years. Growth Spurtz extend the life of good quality second hand clothing. We enjoy helping families to de-clutter and make some spare cash in the process!Β 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to donate or sell your children's clothes and used maternity clothes. By sending them to us we can recycle them the Growth Spurtz way.Β 

Please email us at Let us know that you wish to donate or sell to us and we will let you know if we are currently accepting clothes. If we are accepting items, the following selling process will apply:Β 


Step 1

We will email ourΒ Sellers FormΒ for you to complete and return by email. It will ask you for further information about the clothes that you have to sell, such as the sizes, brands, condition, number of garments and the total weight. We will also require some photographs of the items that you wish to sell. Please be honest about the condition of your clothes.


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Step 2

We will email you back to confirm if we would like to buy the items from you. If we do, we will make you an offer and tell you how much we can pay you for your clothes. If you are not happy with the offer there is no obligation to go ahead and sell to us.Β 


Step 3

If you accept our offer you can then send your clothes to us in the post. We do not pay for postage costs so please ensure that you use a tracked service and obtain a proof of delivery. We cannot pay you for items that do not arrive with us. The clothes must be securely packaged and sent with a printed copy of our offer to you, so that we know that the items have been sent by you.Β Β 

If you are sending a donation of clothes, we will pay for the secure postage of the clothes to us.Β 


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Step 4
When your clothes arrive with us, we will check them thoroughly to ensure that they meet our quality standards and meet the criteria of our offer to you. If everything is in order we will send payment to you via bank transfer or PayPal. If any items are not in an acceptable condition we will email you to advise you that we will not pay you for these items and we will deduct their value from our agreed offer. You can choose to pay for a courier to collect the item(s) from us, or alternatively we are happy to donate them to charity or recycle them on your behalf.
We do not return items as the postage costs would make it too cost ineffective for us. Please ensure that you have read our quality checklist and terms and conditions of selling carefully to avoid any disappointment.

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Quality Checklist


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  • Children's clothes from newborn to 16 years and no older;
  • New or used maternity clothes in maternity dress sizes up to Size UK 20;
  • Brands sold in the U.K. and contain the original garment labels;
  • Children's shoes that are in good condition only;
  • WithoutΒ any stains or marks of any kind;
  • Free of rips, tears, holes or pulls;
  • Zips, buttons and fastenings are complete and functioning;
  • Not badly faded or visibly worn out;
  • Not stretched or misshapen and true to their original size;
  • Free of bobbling;
  • Any whites are still white;Β 
  • Free of school emblems, logos or other location-specific motifs;
  • Free of name tags or pen name markings;
  • Not otherwise personalised;
  • Freshly laundered and in clean condition.


Our Terms and Conditions

Prior to purchasing your items, we will ask you to sign a Declaration to confirm that you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Selling to Growth Spurtz.Β Β 

Please visit ourΒ T&Cs - Selling to Growth SpurtzΒ page in the Policies section below to view these Terms and Conditions.

That's it! Thank you for selling to Growth Spurtz.

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